Our personal participation in the paschal mystery begins with our conversion, the acceptance of the Lord Jesus as our personal savior, and our union with him in baptism, confirmation and the Holy Eucharist. Our conversion is a dynamic, lifelong process. We must constantly die to self in order to rise by the power of the Holy Spirit to a new life of love in Christ.



As Resurrectionists we will strive to witness to the transforming power of God's love, not only in our own personal lives, but also in community life. We will allow this love to overcome the fears and heal the wounds that keep us isolated from one another, so that we can become a true community of disciples united in mind and heart.

In our apostolic life, we will urge others to a renewal of their lives, which will lead eventually to the resurrection of society. We will proclaim the paschal mystery in our apostolates through preaching and teaching the certainty of God's love for each of us and his will to save us by uniting us to the death and resurrection of Jesus. 


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