Program of Studies

The identity of the Resurrectionist priest, and consequently the criteria for deciding the fitness of a Resurrectionist candidate for the diaconate and priesthood, is to be understood in an ecclesial perspective, keeping in mind that the specific Resurrectionist charism and mission imprint particular characteristics on the priestly ministry. In this perspective must be seen the criteria for assessing maturity and growth with respect to the fundamental functions of the priesthood.



Philosophy  30 hours

Human Nature, Metaphysics, Ethics, Logic, God, Epistemology, Philosophy In Theology, Electives

Biblical Studies  21 hours

Interpretation, Torah, Prophets, Wisdom/Psalms, Synoptic Gospels, Johannine Literature, Pauline Literature

Systematic Theology 15 hours

Theology & Method, Christology, Ecclesiology, Doctrine of God,  Foundations of Spirituality

Moral Theology  12 hours

Foundations, Ethics & Human Sexuality, Justice & Social Teaching, Elective

Historical Studies  6 hours

Church History I & II

Pastoral Theology  16 hours

Ethical Care, Pastoral Counseling, Canon Law, Marriage & Family, Priesthood, Marriage Law

Preaching  4 hours

Foundations I & II

Liturgical Theology  14 hours

Worship, Christian Initiation, Eucharist, Reconciliation, Pastoral Care of the Sick, Liturgical Leadership Diaconal & Presbyteral

Professional Ministerial Formation

Supervised Practice Ministry I & II, Clinical Pastoral Education, Diaconal Ministry Practicum

Integrative Studies  4 hours

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